Inserting Subtitles

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Subtitles can be imported from a standard subtitle file in .srt or .ass format.

If the video file being converted already contains embedded subtitles, those subtitles can also be added to the new video as well/

Importing Subtitles

Subtitles can be imported on the Converter Window by opening the subtitle dropdown menu for a video and clicking + Add to select the .srt title that contains the subtitles. If the video already contains embedded subtitles, those will imediately be available for selection in the subtitle dropdown menu.

Alternatively, they can be imported by clicking the button and going to the Subtitle tab to move to the Subtitle Window, then opening the Subtitle dropdown menu and clicking + Add to select the .srt file.

When on the Subtitles Window, there ares 2 video previews; The upper preview is the Input Preview which shows the original video and the lower preview is the Output Preview which shows how the video with the imported subtitles added to it (only when hard subtitles are selected).

Clicking the Reset button will completely remove any imported subtitles that have been imported, or they can just be disabled by selected the Subtitle disabled option in the Subtitle dropdown menu.

Customizing Subtitles

There are 2 types of subtitles; soft and hard subtitles.

When converting to MP4, MKV or MOV, you can choose between using hard or soft subtitles. For all other formats, hard subtitles will always be used.

Soft subtitles

The subtitles are included in the video file but are not actually part of the video. The subtitles can be turned on and off in any video player that supports subtitles.

The video player that the video is opened in will control how the subtitles are displayed so no customization of the subtitles is possible.

Hard subtitles

The subtitles are burned into the video as part of the video image. They cannot be turned off but will appear when the video is played in any video player, even if it does not support subtitles.

The appearance of how hard subtitles appear in the converted video can be customized on the Subtitles Window. You can customize the font, font size, color and opacity of the text, the background that appears behind the text and the background's opacity, and the position of the subtitles.

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