Keeping up to date

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Flashback Express will check for new updates each time it is started. There a two types of updates that may be found - mandatory and optional.

If a mandatory update is found, it will immediately be downloaded and installed to update Flashback Express to the latest version. You will not be able to use Flashback Express until the update is completed.

Optional updates will download in the background while you continue to use Flashback Express. You will be prompted to install the latest version that has been downloaded when Flashback Express is next started.

Disabling the check for updates

If you do not want Flashback Express to automatically check for updates, you can disable the check on startup by going to the General tab of the Recorder Settings, clicking Privacy and disabling the Automatically check for updates options.

When automatic checks are disabled, you can still manually check for updates by going to the Help tab of the Recorder settings and clicking the Check for updates option.

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