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The Recorder Window

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The Recorder Window allows you to easily change the main recording options and start recording.

If the Recorder Window is minimized to your system tray, you can re-open it by left click on the system tray icon.

The button lets you view your saved recordings in the Video Window. See The Video Window for more details.

The button opens the Recorder Settings. See Recorder Settings for more details

The button lets you create recording schedules to automatically start and stop recording at specific times. If there are any active recording schedules, a red number will appear over the button to indicate how many. See Scheduling a recording for more details.

The button opens the Help tab of the Recorder Settings.

Recording Options

Use the Screen, Webcam, Microphone and PC audio options to select what you record. At least one of the Screen or the Webcam option must be enabled before you can start recording.

Click Start Recording to start recording with the currently selected options. See Starting, Pausing and Stopping Recording for more details.

The Screen option allows you to select what you record:

  • Fullscreen - Sets the region to fit the fullscreen. If you have multiple screens available, you can select which combination of them you want to be recorded.
  • Region - Allows you to select a custom region to be recorded. Click and drag to select the region.
  • Window - Set the region to any window that is visible on your screen. Hover over the window andthen click when it becomes highlighted to select.

See Recording the Screen and Recording Windows and Regions for more details.

The Webcam option allows you to add a webcam video to your recording. See Recording a Webcam for more details.

The Microphone and PC audio options allow you to configure where sound will be captured from while recording. PC audio wil be set to off when using Flashback for free. See Recording Sound for more details.

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Recording the Screen