How to schedule a recording session

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Scheduling features are only available after upgrading.

If you are not going to be at your PC when you want to record something, you can create a scheduled recording and Flashback Express will automatically start recording at the specified time.

When the start time for an active schedule is reached, Flashback Express will automatically start recording the selected area and then automatically stop at either the specified stop time or after the specified duration has elapsed.

  1. Click the button on the Recorder window to open the Scheduler window.
  2. Click the button on the Scheduler window to open the Schedule recording window to create a new schedule.
  3. Set the start time and date and then set a stop time. The stop time can be set either by entering the duration to record for before recording automatically stops or time and date when recording should stop. A maximum duration of 24 hrs can be selected.
  4. Select what will be recorded using the Recording Area option to select between Fullscreen, Region and Window. If Region or Window are selected, choose the region/window that will be used for the scheduled recording and the region will be saved for when the schedule begins.
  5. Optionally you can set the schedule to repeat on specific days using the Repeat option and selecting which days the schedule should repeat on and you can set the computer to either go to sleep, shutdown or close Flashback when the scheduled session is complete using the When completed option.
  6. Click the Add schedule button to save the schedule.
  7. Return to the Recorder window.

For the scheduled recording to start, Flashback Express must be on the Recorder window. If the Settings window, Scheduler window, Videos window or Edit and Upload window are open instead, recording cannot begin.

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