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Why is my video preview backwards in Camigo?

Actually, you are seeing the webcam video as everyone else sees it. However, many video call apps will intentionally mirror your own video because most people prefer looking at a mirrored image of themselves. So the video that you see in Zoom, Skype, Teams, etc is actually the video that is backwards.

Is my microphone still live when during looped videos or a Be Right Back screen.

No, these give you complete privacy so no-one can hear your mic while they are active.

The only audio heard during a looping video is the sound that was recorded as part of the loop which is being played back, if you have Camigo Audio selected as the microphone in the video call app.

Why doesn't my looping video include my voice?

Make sure that you have the Camigo Audio microphone device selected as the microphone source in your video chat app.

How to a remove a GIF or sticker from my video?

Click the X button that appears in the center of the video preview to remove these.

Why does a spinning wheel appear when I select a new Be Right Back video?

The Be Right Back videos are not included in the Camigo installation. When you select one for the first time, it will quickly download to your computer. It only needs to do this once for each video.

Can Camigo automatically run when Windows starts?

Yes, if the the Open Camigo when Windows starts option is enabled in your Settings, Camigo will start and minimize itself to the Windows system tray when Widnwos starts.

How do I find my screen recordings?

You can quickly open the Recordings folder by clicking the ... button and then selecting Recordings.

If you want to manually find the recordings folder, the default location is \Videos\Camigo\Recordings\.

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