Entering a License

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If you use Go Pro button to upgrade, your license will automatically be appplied when the purchase is completed. The only action required is to restart the app once the purchase has been completed.

If you purchase a license from the FlashBack Video Converter website, you will need to manually register your licence key in Flashback Video Converter:

  1. Start Flashback Video Converter.
  2. Click the button and then select Preferences.
  3. Go to the License tab.
  4. Click the Enter Key button.
  5. Paste your license key into the window that appears. Or, if you have been sent a licence file by Flashback support, click the Import option and select your license file.

After the license key has been successfully registered, a confirmation message will indicate that Flashback Video Converter has been unlocked. All restrictions will then be removed.

See License Troubleshooting if you have any problems entering your license key.

Changing license

You can change which license is currently registered by returning to the License tab of the Preferences and clicking the button. Then copy and paste your license key into the window that appears to replace the current license.

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