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Downloading Flashback Express

The latest version of Flashback Express is always available from the Download page.

Installing Flashback Express

When Flashback Express has finished downloading, double click the downloaded file to install.

Select which language you would like Flashback Express to appear in. It will default to the same language as Windows is using. The language you choose can be changed again after installation is complete

To install to the default location, click the Install button on the window that appears.

To choose a new location to install to, click Options in the bottom right corner of the window and then click the Change button next to where the installation folder is displayed. Then choose a new folder to install to.

By default, a Flashback Express shortcut will be added to your desktop. If you do not want one, click Options and untick the Create desktop shortcut option.

Updating Flashback Express

Flashback Express will check for new updates each time it is started and install those for you.

However, you can manually update by downloading the latest version from the Download page and then double clicking the downloaded file to run it. Click the Update button on the window that appears to update your existing installation to the latest version.

Or go to the Help tab of the Recorder Settings and click Check for updates. If a new update is found, wait for it to download and then restart Flashback Express when prompted.

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