Applying Effects

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The button displayed under each file's details opens the Effect Window where you can adjust the colors or apply a filter.

The Effect Window displays 2 video previews; The upper preview is the Input Preview and shows the original video that is being adjusted. and the lower preview is the Output Preview which shows how the video will appear after the adjusts have been applied.

If the Apply to All option is enabled, any changes made will be applied to all videos in the video list, not just the current video you have selected.


On the Adjust tab, you can manually customize the color of the image in the converted video.

Clicking the Reset button will remove any changes that you have made to the colors.


On the Filter tab, you can select one of the preset filters to change the color of the video image. Clicking a filter thumbnail will apply that filter to video.

Selecting the Normal filter or clicking the Reset button will remove any filter that has been selected.

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