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Camigo Window

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When Camigo runs, you'll see the Camigo window

The Camigo window shows a preview of your video as others will see it and lets you configure your webcam. If you have any call hacks activate or have applied any customisation to your webcam video, the preview video lets you see exactly how the video will appear to others.

You may notice that your video call app displays a mirrored version of what you see in Camigo. Don't worry though; the video that the video call app sends to the other call participants will not be mirrored so will match what you see in Camigo.

Options Menu

In the top right corner of the window, the button can be clicked to open Camigo's Options menu, from where you can enter a license key, open your recordings and snapshot folders, get help and close the app.

Enter License Key - Only displayed when using the free version of Camigo. If you have purchased a license, click to enter your license key. See Licensing Camigo for more information.

Recordings - Click to open your Recordings folder, which is where your screen recording will be saved to.

Snapshots - Click to open your Snapshots folder, which is where your screenshots will be saved to.

Help - Click to open the Help tab of the Settings, where you can access help resources and get help.

About - Click to check which version of Camigo you have installed and to check for new updates.

Quit - When you close the Camigo window, the app will be minimised to the System Tray, where it will continue running in the background. Click the Quit option to completely close the Camigo app.

Webcam Controls

Above the webcam preview, the button let's you update which webcam you are using. The drop down menu will contain all webcams that are currently available to you.

Next to the webcam selection button, you to select the resolution of the webcam video. Depending on what the selected webcam is capable of, you can select from 4K, HD, 720p, 480p and 360p. (4K and HD are only available when Camigo has been upgraded)

Also above the preview video, the Search GIFs & emojis searchbar in the top right corner allows you to search through a library of emojis and GIFs that you can add on top of your webcam video. Simply enter search words to look for something suitable to add to your video and then click on your choosen GIF or emoji to make it appear on your video.

See GIFs and emojis for more information

Control bar

The control bar is found below the video preview.

Zoom - Click the button to open the Zoom menu. Selecting Manual Zoom will allow you to zoom towards the center of the video image using the zoom slider. Selecting Auto face detection will apply a predefined zoom which will follow your face when you move to always keep you in the middle. See Zooming for more information.

Mirror - Click the button to horizontally flip the video image to make it appear mirrored. Click again to revert to being unflipped.

Record - Start recording your screen by clicking the button. Then click the button again to stop recording. See Capture your screen for more information.

Snapshot - Save a screenshot of what is currently shown on the screen by clicking the button. See Capture your screen for more information.

Mute - Mute and unmute your microphone by toggling the button on and off.

BRB - Toggle the currently selected Be Right Back video on and off by clicking the BRB button. See Be Right Back for more information.

Call Hacks Menu

The Webcam Loop and Fake Buffering hacks can be accessed by clicking the Call Hacks button in the bottom right corner of the Camigo window.

Click on either the Webcam Loop or Fake Buffering button in the Call Hacks menu to activate that hack. Clicking the same button again will deactivate that hack.

See Webcam Loop and Fake Buffering for more details

Customization Panel

When you ciick on the Adjust, Background, Filters, Brand or Be Right Back buttons, the Customization Panel will extend across from the left side of the Camigo window to display the relevant options for whichever type of customization you have selected.

The Customization Panel can be hidden at any time by clicking the < button on its right edge.


Click the Settings button at the bottom of the side panel to open Camigo's settings.

See Camigo Settings for more information

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