Face Tracking

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If there is a lot of empty space around you on your webcam video, you may want to focus more on your face by zooming in on yourself.

Click the button to open the Zoom menu and choose between a manaul zoom and an AI-enabled auto zoom that tracks your face. By default, a default zoom of 100% will be applied which will show an unzoomed version of your webcam video.

Auto face detection - Face detection allows you to apply a zoom without worrying about sitting too still to remain in frame; when your face moves, the zoomed in video will track your face and move with you (as long as you stay in view of your webcam).

When using face detection, an AI-controlled zoom level will be applied to video to set the best zoom to fit your face.

Manual zoom - When applying a manual zoom, you can drag the slider to set exactly how strong the zoom is.

As you increase the strength of the zoom, you will zoom in towards the center of the video image so it is important that your face is somewhere near the center of the video image, otherwise it will get cut-off.

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