Creating Clips

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Making Clips

The button displayed under each file's details opens the Clips Window where you can cut the video in clips or delete sections.

When viewing a video in the Clips Window, clicking the button will split the video at the current point in the video. Two clips will be created; one for the video before the split and one for the video after the split. Each clip will displayed in the Clips List.

A clip can be deleted by clicking selecting the clip in the Clips List and then clicking the button or by clicking X in the top corner of the clip. If a clip is deleted from the Clips list, that section of the video will not be converted.

By default, each clip will be converted into a separate video file. However, if Merge clips is enabled, all of the clips in the Clips List will be combined into a single video. This is useful if you want to cut sectiosn out of a video.

Clicking will undo all clips and reset the file back to being a single video clip.

Editing Clips

When you click the OK button to accept your clips, the original video listed on the Converter Window will be replaced with a video for each clip that was created.

Any changes that are then made to these clips, such as applying effects or cropping the image, will only be applied to that specific clip. Other clips made from the same video will not be affected by those changes unless the Apply to All option is enabled when making the changes.

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