How to record a facecam video

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By default, Flashback Express will record your screen. If you enable the webcam option as well, a webcam video will be added on top of the screen recording as a picture-in-picture. Perfect for if you want to include a facecam of yourself.

However, you can also record just your webcam if you have no need for a video of your screen to be recorded as well.

  1. Start Flashback Express
  2. Disable the Screen option on the Recorder Window
  3. Enable the Webcam option on the Recorder Window. If you have more than one webcam availabe on your PC, click the name of the current webcam device next to the Webcam option and choose the webcam device that you want to use from the list that appears.
  4. To record in HD, click the Recorder Settings button at the top of the Recorder Window and go to the Webcam and Audio tab. Enabling the Enable HD option will allow 720p and 1080p webcams to capture at their maximum resolution.
  5. If you want to either blur the webcam's background or replace it with a custom background, stay on the Webcam and Audio tab.
    Select None to leave the background as it is, Blur to apply a blur effect to the background, Remove to completely remove the background or + to import an image to replace the background with.
    If you choose to replace the background with an image, choose a JPEG, PNG and BMP file from your computer to importand set as the custom background.
    Close the Settings Window when you are done.
  6. If you also want to capture your voice from a microphone, enable the Microphone option on the Recorder Window. By default, FlashBack will use the default Windows input device that is selected in your Windows Sound settings.
    If you have more than one microphone available and do not want to record for the Windows default microphone, click Default next the Microphone option and choose the microphone that you would like to record use from the list that appears.
  7. Click the Start Recording button to record. Recording will begin after a 3,2,1 countdown.
    The control bar will appear down the left side of the screen. Click the Stop button on the control bar to end the recording session and save your facecam video.

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