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Reporting Problems

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Problems whilst using Flashback Express

If you encounter technical problems while using Flashback Express, you can send us a report that includes log files that show us what has gone wrong.

To send a report, click the and then click Help. Then click the Send Report button.

Enter your email so we can contact you with possible solutions or fixes and tell us more about the problem so that we know what we are looking for in the log files or if you simpl have a question. If there are any error messages or something that you would like to show us to better explain the problem, click Select file to attached a screenshot to your report.

Click Send logs to send the report to us.

To help us find the cause of problems, please send the report as soon as you can after the problem has occured.

If Flashback Express crashes during use

If Flashback closes unexpectedly because of a crash or for some other reason, an error report window will automatically open which allows you to send us some details about the crash so we can investigate and try to fix problems.

To send us a report, enter your email so we can contact you with possible solutions or fixes and tell us more about the problem so that we know what we are looking for in the log files (for example, what were you doing when the crash occured), then click Send report.

If you do not want to send a report, click Don't send.

If Flashback Express won't start

In the case that you are unable to start Flashback Express , you can send a report from the Flashback Express installation folder. By default Flashback Express will install to:

C:\Program Files\Blueberry Software\FlashBack Express\

Running the Report a Problem.bat file in the installation folder will open a report form that you can use to send us details of your problem.

What is included in reports

Error reports do not include any personal data. The information included is:

  • Log files - a record of how Flashback was executed.
  • Settings files - so we can see what options you were using.
  • Some information about your PC configuration: the version of Windows you are using, your processor, screen sizes, graphics and audio devices.
  • Screenshots - if you chose to attach any image files.

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