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Webcam Loop

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If you need to step away from a video call for a moment but don't want other call participants to know that you are not there, you can play a looping video of yourself to hide your absence.

Click the Call Hacks button to open the Call Hacks menu and then click the Webcam Loop button to activate the loop.

Stop the loop and return to the live video from your webcam by clicking the Webcam Loop button again.

Preparing to loop

When activated, a loop of the last 30 seconds, 1 minute or 2 minutes will replace your live video in your video call app. You can choose the specific duration of the looping video by clicking the Settings button and selecting the relevant duration for the Loop duration option on the General tab.

When preparing to activate a loop, try to avoid moving too much so that the looped video does not have a sudden jump each time it loops back to the beginning. Also, remember that the loop will include any GIFs, emojis or filters that you activated during your selected duration period.

Including sound in a loop

By default, there will be no audio from you when you have an activate loop; either live sound from your mic or recorded sound from the looped video. If your video appears to show you talking, it will appear like you have muted yourself.

If you want to record your microphone audio as part of the looped video that plays, you will first need to select the mic that you are using for your video call in Camigo by clicking the Settings button and then selecting the relevant mic in the Loop Webcam Video section on the General tab.

To allow Camigo to play that audio during the looped video, you will then need to open your video call app and select Camigo Audio as the microphone that will be used by the video call app. Other call participants will still hear you speak as normal during the video call but will then also be able to hear the looped video audio as well.

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