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When Flashback Video Converter is first run, it will automatically download a 10 day trial license. During your trial, you get test Flashback Video Converter by converting any video file but with some restrictions:

  • Only the first 30% of each video is converted
  • A watermark is added to the converted video
  • Cannot merge files and clips
Anyone who installed Flashback Video Converter during the beta period will be able to continue using Flashback Video Converter without limits on the PC that they installed the beta on. A license will still be needed to use Flashback Video Converter on other PCs though.

Licensing Flashback Video Converter

By Going Pro, you will get a license to continue using Flashback Video Converter after your trial has ended and which will remove the conversion restrictions.

You can purchase a license by clicking the Go Pro button at the top of the Converter window or on the pop up window that appears when you start the app.

A license can be purchased either as a one-time payment for a lifetime licence or as an annual subscription. If you select the annual subscription option, your subscription will automatically renew each year until the subscription is cancelled.

See Entering a license for details on how enter your license key into Flashback Video Converter.

See Managing a Subscription for details on how to update, cancel or renew an annual subscription.

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Entering a License