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Is Flashback Express free to use?

Yes, but with some restrictions. Free users will have a time limit of 2 minutes, cannot record PC sound and will not have access to the scheduling and auto-trimming features.

To remove these recording restrictions, a license needs to be purchased. See Purchasing a Licence for more details.

What operating systems will Flashback Express run on?

Flashback Express is optimized to run on Windows 10 and 11 . It will also run on Windows 8.1 but you may need to manually install .NET Framework 4.5.2 (available here).

Flashback Express is not available for Linux, MacOS, iOS or Android.

Flashback Express won't start. What should I do?

You can send us a problem report by running the Report a Problem.bat file in the Flashback Express installation folder. By default FlashBack Express 6 will install to: C:\Program Files\Blueberry Software\Flashback Express 6\

Why is my recording just a black screen?

If you are using a computer that has both a dedicated graphics card and integrated graphics, the integrated graphics needs to be used by Flashback Express when recording.

If you making a recording and only see a black screen in the saved video, Windows has probably defaulted to using the dedicated graphics card for Flashback Express6. Find out how to switch Flashback Express to using the integrated graphics card instead at https://flashback.helpdocs.io/article/1tnqmslf5b-recording-on-a-computer-with-dual-graphics-cards.

I don't see the control bar while recording. How do I stop recording?

If you are making a fullscreen recording and have the Hide toolbar when recording fullscreen option enabled, Flashback Express will be minimized to the taskbar while you record. Click the Flashback Express icon on the taskbar to make the control bar appear on the left side of the screen.

Why is my mic not being recorded?

Open your Windows settings, go to Privacy -> Microphone and check whether the 'Allow desktop apps to access your microphone' option is enabled. If isn't, enable and then try recording again. 

My mic is picking up some noise. What can I do about it?

Enabling the Noise cancellation option on the Webcam & Audio tab of the Recorder Settings may help. It typically works best at removing continuous ambient noise so may not be as effective at removing noises that happen at random.

Can I record audio only?

No, but if you record a video and audio together, you can export the audio from a saved video as an AAC file. Open the saved video from the Videos Window and click the Audio only button in the Export section.

Can I record the webcam without recording my screen?

Yes, simply disable the Screen option on the Recorder window while the Webcam option is enabled to record from just your webcam.

You will also probably want the Enable HD option turned on in the Webcam & Audio settings to make sure the best resolution possible is used for the saved video.

Where are my recorded videos saved to?

By default, videos are saved to \Videos\FlashBack Express 6\Recordings\ but you can change that by clicking the button and then going to the Recorder tab.

How do I access my saved video files?

If you click the button below the thumbail image for the video on the Video Window and select Open File Location, an Explorer window will open for the folder that contains that video file.

Can I save using other video formats?

All recordings are saved as MP4 videos, but can be exporting to WMV, MKV, AVI or GIF afterwards

How do I open FBR files in Flashback Express?

As of Flashback Express 6, FBR files are no longer supported by Flashback Express.

If you want to open FBR files that were recorded by Flashback Express 1-5, you will need to either install one of those older versions or Flashback Pro.

Can I trim the start and end from my saved videos?

Yes, if you click the button to open Video Window, you can trim any video by hovering your mouse over the thumbail image and clicking the Edit & Upload button that appears.

On the Edit & Upload Window, select the section of the video that you want to keep and then click Save as Local file to save a new MP4 file containing your trimmed video.

Can I change the hotkeys?

The default hotkeys can be customised on the Hotkeys tab of the Recorder Settings.

Can I start recording when Windows starts?

Flashback Express can be setup to launch on Windows startup by enabling the Launch on startup option on the General tab of the Settings.

However, Flashback Express cannot automatically start recording on startup. You can only start the app so that it is ready to start recording.

Can I remove the background from my webcam video?

Open the Recorder Settings and, below the webcam preview image Webcam & Audio tab, you can choose whether to blur the webcam background, replace the background with an image or completely cut out the background.

This feature is only available on PCs with 8GB of RAM or more.

How do I change mouse cursor recording?

You can change the mouse cursor settings on the Recorder tab of the Recorder Settings. By default, the mouse cursor will be recorded but if you disable the Record Mouse Cursor option, Flashback Express will ignore the mouse cursor and it will not appear in your saved videos.

You can also highlight the mouse cursor with a semi-transparent highlight circle by enabling the Highlight Mouse Cursor option and add pulses to indicate when the mouse buttons are clicked by enabling the Highlight Mouse Clicks option. Both options are disabled by default and will only become available when the Record Mouse Cursor option is enabled.

Can I disable automatic updates?

Yes, if you go to the General tab of the Settings and click the Privacy option, you can disable the automatic check for updates. You can also disable any anonymous usage data being sent back to Blueberry.

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