Exporting to other formats

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All videos are initially saved as an MP4 file. However, they can be exported to MKV, AVI, WMV or GIF afterwards.

Click the video thumbnail on the Video Window to open the video in the Edit & upload Window.

By default, the entire video will be exported. Adjust the position of the start and ender sliders on the timeline to export a smaller clip.

Exporting Video

Click the Video file option in the Export section of the Share tab to select from MP4, AVI, WMV or MKV. Then enter a filename and seltct the save location.

Exporting a GIF

To export an animated GIF, click the Animated GIF option in the Export section, then select the quality of the exported GIF from one of the presets available.

GIFs are generally only intended to be a short duration and low resolution. It is not recommended to use this option for clips that are longer than 15 seconds.

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