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When Camigo is first run, it will automatically download a free license for you to use. This allows Camigo to run for free but with some restrictions:

  • A Camigo watermark will be displayed on your webcam video.
  • The Brand tab will not be accessible.
  • The resolution of the webcam video is limited to 720p.
  • 8 credits to spend on the Style My Room and Create Background features.
Anyone who installed Camigo during the beta period will be able to continue using Camigo without seeing the watermark or having resolution limits, as long as they are using Camigo on the PC that the beta was installed on. Branding and AI customization features that were added after the beta finished will not be available to beta users without upgrading.

Licensing Camigo

When licensed, the Camigo watermark will be removed, the HD and 4K resolutions will become available for selection and the Brand tab will be accessible. Your credit balance for creating AI-generated backgrounds will also be set to 100 credits.

You can purchase a license by clicking the Upgrade button at the top of the Camigo window.

Or, if you try to use one of the features that is only available after upgrading, such as HD resolution or Branding, a pop-up will appear that also gives you the option to upgrade by clicking an Upgrade Now button.

See Licensing Camigo for details on how to upgrade and enter a licence key into Camigo.

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Licensing Camigo