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The Edit & Upload Window

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The Edit & Upload Window allows you to trim your saved videos to remove unwanted content at the start and end, upload your video to popular video and file sharing platforms and export the audio from your video.

Click the button in the top left corner to return to the Video Window.

Click the button in the top right corner to open the Recorder Settings (see Recorder Settings for more details).

Click the button in the top right corner to open the Help tab of the Recorder Settings.

The Name of the video that you are viewing is displayed above the Playback Window.

Clicking the button next to the video name lets you:

  • Rename the video
  • Open file location to where the video is currently saved
  • View the video's File Information:
    • The Date when the video was recorded
    • The Duration of the video
    • The Dimensions of the video (the resolution)
    • The Size of the video file
    • The Frame Rate of the video
  • Delete the video file from your computer.

Playback Window

The majority of the Edit & Upload Window is filled with the Playback Window where you can review your video.

The Playback Controls for the video will appear below the Playback Window when you move your mouse cursor over the Playback Window.

The Playback Controls allow you to play/pause the video, check the current time in the video and the overall duration of the video and jump forwards or backwards by 5 seconds.


Below the Playback Window is the Timeline. The current position on the Timeline is indicated by a yellow vertical line. Click on any other position on the Timeline to jump to the time in the video.

The grey Clip Selection Bar that fills the Timeline indicates what section of the video is currently selected for uploading and saving. Initially, the whole Timeline will be selected but you can trim the ends off the video by dragging the handles at either end of the Clip Selection Bar to remove unwanted content. See Making a Clip for more details.

When a clip is selected by adjusting the Clip Selection Bar, the start and end times of the clip will be displayed below the Timeline.

Upload or save your video

The Share tab contains the Upload and Export options which allow you to upload and share you video on several popular video and file sharing platforms.

If you have used the clip selection bar to trim your video, only the selected clip will be uploaded, not the full video. Or you can save the selected clip as a new video file on your computer.

  • Google Drive - Shares the video file on Google Drive
  • YouTube - Uploads the video to YouTube
  • Dropbox - Shares the video file on Dropbox
  • OneDrive - Uploads the video to OneDrive
  • Video file - Save the selected clip as a MP4, MKV, AVI or WMV file
  • Animated GIF - Save the selected clip as an animated GIF file (it recommended to keep clips under 15 seconds)
  • Audio only - Save the audio from your video as an MP3 file


The Transcript tab allows you to generate subtitles for any speech that is in your recorded video.

To create your subtitles, click the Auto-generate transcript button and then select the language of the speech that is in the video. The transcription features does not perform any translation so it is best to only ever select the langauge that is actually spoken in the video.

The generated text will be displayed in the blocks that will be displayed on your video along with the timestamps of when that block will appear. If any of the auto-generated subtitles need correcting, simply click the relevant block of text and make the change

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