Changing Speed

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The button displayed under each file's details opens the Effect Window. Click the Speed tab to move to the Speed Window where you can speed up or slow down the video.

The Speed Window displays 2 video previews; The upper preview is the Input Preview and the lower preview is the Output Preview. When playing the previews, both of them will be affected by the speed option that is selected to show how it will look in the converted video.

Click the button for the speed that you want to apply to speed up or slow down the video. By default, Normal will be selected. A speed that is greater than 1.0X will increase the speed of the video and a speed less than 1.0X will slow the video down.

If the Apply to All option is enabled, the watermark will be applied to all videos in the video list, not just the current video you have selected.

Clicking the Reset button will reset the speed back to Normal.

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