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Converting Format

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The Converter Windows allows you to add video files, select the format that they will be converted into, merge videos and access some basic editing features.

Adding Files

You can add the video that you would like to convert either by clicking the Add files button or by simply dragging the files into the Converter Window. If you want to convert multiple files, you can bulk add them in one go.

For each file that is added, a preview thumbnail will be displayed along with details about the format, resolution, file size and duration for both the original file and for the new file that it will be converted into.

When converting an MP4, MKV, M4V or MOV file into any of these 4 formats using the Same as Source option, the Turbo Compatible indicator may appear. Turbo Compatible videos can be converted much faster than other videos. See Turbo Conversion for more details

Clicking the X button will remove unwanted videos from the video list.

Video Details

Any video that has been added, can be previewed by clicking on the thumbnail image. The video will then open in a playback window.

Next to the preview thumbnail, you will see the the format, resolution, file size and duration for both the original file and for the new file that it will be converted into. The Turbo Compatible indicator will also appear if Turbo Conversion is available for the video.

The button lets you edit the name that will be used for the converted file. By default, the original file name will be used.

The button opens the Clips window where you can cut the video in clips or delete sections. See Creating Clips for more details.

The button opens the Cropping window where you can crop down the video image, change the aspect ratio of the video or rotate the image. See Cropping a Video for more details.

The button opens the Effects window where you can adjust the colors of the video, apply filters, add a watermark or subtitles and change the speed. See Applying Effects for more details.

The subtitles dropdown menu allows you to import subtitles from a file or select a subtitles file that has already been added. See Inserting Subtitles for more details.

The audio dropdown down alows you to select the audio track that will be used or to convert without audio.

Format Settings

Clicking the Convert to dropdown menu allows you to select the format that you convert to.

Each format has a selection of pre-defined video settings suitable for playback on different devices or for uploaded to popular online platforms, or you can convert using the same video settings as the original file by selecting the Same as source option for your choosen format.

The video and audio encoder used for each format is displayed on the right of the dropdown.

Alternatively, if none of the preset options are suitable, clicking the button allows you to make more in-depth customization of the video settings, such as encoders, frame rate and quality. See Format settings for more details.

Conversion Settings

By default, converted videos will be saved to \Videos\Flashback Video Converter\.

A different location can be selected by clicking the button.

Normally, one video will be created for each file that has been added to the list. However, if you have added multiple files to the list of videos, enabling the Merge files option will create a single file that contains all of the videos added together in the order that they were added to the list.

Merging is unavailable during a 10 day trial. Go Pro to unlock the merging function.


Clicking the Convert button will begin the conversion process. Each video that has been added will be converted one at a time beginning with the first video in the list.

Conversion can be stopped at any time by clicking the Stop Conversion buttons.

When conversion is complete, the converted files will be added to the Converted Files window which gives quick access to your videos. The Converted Files window can be opened at any time by clicking the Completed button.

During a 10 day trial, Flashback Video Converter will only convert the first 30% of each video and will add a watermark. Go Pro to unlock unresticted use of Flashback Video Converter.

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