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Recording Windows and Regions

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To record from your screen, the Screen option must be enabled.

Recording a region

To record just a certain region of your screen, click the arrow next to Screen and click Region in the menu that appears.

When Region is selected, the mouse cursor will change to the region selection cursor. Click and drag to mark the region you want to record.

As you drag, a dashed frame will appear to indicate the region that is being selected. In the top left corner of the frame, the region control bar displays the current height and width of the frame.

Move the frame by clicking and dragging the handle in the centre of the frame.

Resize the frame by clicking the resize boxes in the corners and along the edges of the frame. While dragging to resize the frame, a magnifying glass will appear to help you accurately drag the frame into position.

Or set the frame to a pre-defined size by clicking the arrow on the region control bar and selecting from the options that appear. For convenience, you can also switch to fullscreen or wIndow recording from here as well

If you are struggling to accurately resize the region frame around something that is not a Window (such as a video embedded in a webpage), click , go to the General tab and enable the Snap recording frame to edges which will allow the region frame to look for and snap to edges that are not necessarily on the outside of a window.

Click Start Recording to start recording the selected region.

Recording a window

You can set also set a region to match any window on your screen. Click the arrow next to Screen and click Window in the menu that appears.

As you move the mouse cursor around the screen, it will highlight windows that can be selected. When the window that you want to recorded is highlighted in red, click the left mouse button.

A dashed frame will appear around the border of the selected window. The region is not fixed to the window so you can resize and move the frame just like if you had used the Resize option. If you move the selected window, the frame will not move with it.

Click Start Recording to start recording from the selected window.

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