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Camigo's background customization features allow you to use AI-technology to generate images that can be used as the background for your webcam video, either by creating an entirely new background or by basing it on an image of your actual room.

Each AI background that your generate costs 1 credit.

How to get credits

All Camigo users will get 8 credits for free.

Users who purchase a licence for Camigo will have their credit balance increased to 100 credits.

License owners can also purchase additional credits if they should run out of their initial allocation.

Buying additional credits

If you are a Camigo license owner and find that you have run out of credits to spend on creating new backgrounds, you can top-up your credit balance at any time by purchasing packs of 100 credits.

To purchase a credit pack, click the Buy more credits link that appears on the AI Backgrounds window when your credit balance reaches 0.

If you are using Camigo for free, credit packs will not be available to you, so the only way to get additional credits is to first upgrade Camigo by buying a license.

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