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How to find your license key

When you upgrade your license, your license key is sent to you in an email.

These license details are also available online by logging into the account that owns the license at

The license key is invalid

Your license key needs to be entered exactly as it appears in your license email or when viewed in your account. The usual cause of it being rejected for being invalid is that it simply hasn't been entered correctly.

To make sure it is entered correctly, we recommend that you copy and paste the license key instead of attempting to manually type it into the license window.

The license key is already registered to as many computers as it allows

You can either upgrade your license with more allowed computers or you can unregister it from a computer that it is currently registered to. Both of these can be done by logging into the account that owns the license at

To upgrade your license, click the Add more PCs button next to the license details. You can then select how many additional computers to add to the license and complete payment for those additional computers.

To unregister your license, click the Manage License Usage button next to the license details. To unregister the license from a PC, click the Remove button. You can also permanently block a PC from using the license by clicking the Block button.

You can also unregister a license from a computer by simply uninstalling Camigo from that computer (the computer must be online when doing this).

Camigo cannot verify your license key

An internet connection is required so Camigo can contact the Camigo license server to verify your license.

If Camigo is unable verify your license, it will usually be because the computer does not have an internet connection or because the computer's firewall is blocking Camigo from contacting the license server.

Both of these can be solved by entering the offline license key that is included in your Camigo license email that was sent when you completed your purchase.

For restrictive firewalls, you can also add a firewall exception for the Camigo license server -

Your computer has been blocked from using the license key

It is possible to block certain computers from being able to register your license key. Until the block is removed, Camigo will reject the license if any attempts are made to register it.

If the computer has been blocked by mistake, log into the account that owns the license at and use the Manage License Usage option to unblock the computer.

Can a Beta license be moved?

Anyone who tried Camigo while it was released as beta software can continue to use Camigo for free without the watermark and resolution restirctions that standard free users have.

However, the beta license is only valid for the PC that the beta version was installed on. If you install Camigo on any other PC, you will only get a standard free license for that PC instead of another beta license.

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