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Recording Sound

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PC audio is disabled when using Flashback Express for free. See Purchasing a license for details on how to upgrade.

While recording your screen, Flashback Express can also record what you say via a microphone attached to your PC and/or the sounds that you hear from your speakers, headphones,etc.

Recording Computer Audio

Enable the PC audio option on the Recorder window to capture the sounds that you hear.

The sound will be captured from the currently selected Output device in your Windows Sound settings.

The Master Volume setting in the Windows Sound settings will be used to set the volume of the computer audio in the saved recording.

Recording a Microphone

Enable the Microphone option on the Recorder window to capture what you are saying while recording.

Click the arrow next to the Microphone option to see a list of possible microphone sources to capture from. Click the one you want to use.

To change the volume of the selected microphone, click the button, scroll down on the Webcam & Audio tab and adjust the Microphone volume slider.

If the selected microphone is picking up noise when recording, click the button and enable the Noise cancellation option on the Webcam & Audio tab to activate noise reduction while recording.

See Recorder Settings for more details of the advanced microphone options.

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