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The Recorder Control Bar

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When you begin recording, the Recorder Window will minimise to the Recorder Control Bar. The Recorder Control Bar will display how long you have been recording for and allow you to pause or end the recording session.

Region and Window Control Bar

If you are making a window or region recording, the Recorder Control Bar will appear on the outside of the top left of the frame.

Fullscreen Control Bar

By default, if you are making a fullscreen recording (or the edge of the frame is too close to the edge of the screen), the Recorder Control Bar will appear on the left edge of the screen. Clicking the minimize button at the bottom of the Control Bar will minimize the Control Bar to the taskbar.

Enabling the Hide toolbar when recording fullscreen option on the General tab of the Settings will force the Control Bar to be minimized to the taskbar as soon as recording begins.

Control Bar Buttons

The duration of the current recording session is displayed at the top of the Recorder Control Bar. Below that are the following buttons: Stop, Pause / Resume, Restart and Discard. The fullscreen Control also has a Minimize button.

Clicking the (Stop) button will end and save the recording session. You will then be able to either view the saved recording or return to the Recorder Window.

Clicking the (Pause) button will pause the currently recording session until the same button (now showing a Resume icon) is clicked again. Recording begins as soon as the Resume button is clicked.

Clicking the (Restart) button will discard the current recording session and begin the 3,2,1 countdown for a new recording session. The same settings, including the screen / region / window that is being recorded, will be used again for the new recording session.

Clicking the (Cancel) button will discard the current recording session and return you to the Recorder Window. The discarded recording session is permanently deleted so cannot be recovered.

Click the (Minimize) button will completely hide the Recorder Control Bar. To re-open the Recorder Control Bar, click the FlashBack Express 6 icon on the taskbar.

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Starting, Pausing and Stopping a Recording