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Scheduling a recording

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Scheduling features are only available after upgrading to go premium.

If you are not going to be at your PC when you want to record something, you can create a scheduled recording and Flashback Express will automatically start recording at the specified time.

When the start time for an active schedule is reached, Flashback Express will automatically start recording the selected area and then automatically stop at either the specified stop time or after the specified duration has elapsed.

Multiple scheduled recordings can be setup and each one can either run once or be repeated.

For scheduled recording to start, Flashback Express must be on the Recorder window. If the Settings window, Scheduler window, Videos window or Edit and Upload window are open instead, recording cannot begin.

Viewing schedules

If there are any active schedules that are upcoming, a red number will appear over the button to indicate how many active schedules there are and a message will appear below the Start recording button to indicate when the next scheduled recording will begin.

Click the button to open the Scheduler window and view a list of upcoming and completed schedules.

Delete upcoming or completed schedules by clicking the button next to that schedule.

Or an upcoming schedule can be deactivated without deleting it by toggling the Status setting.

Adding and editing schedules

Click the button on the Scheduler window to open the Schedule new recording window to add a new schedule or click the button next to an existing schedule to edit it.


For each scheduled recording, you will need to set the start time and date and then set a stop time. The stop time can be set either by entering the duration to record for or the time and date when recording should stop. Click on each time and date to open the clock and calendar to choose the times and dates.

There is a 24 hour limit for each schedule and it is not possible to have overlapping schedules that would occur at the same time.

If the scheduled recording should repeat, click on No Repeat and select the days on which you want the scheduled recording to automatically record.


The Recording Area of the scheduled recording can be set to Fullscreen, Region or Window. If region is used, the selected region will be remembered so changes to the region via the Recorder window will not affect the scheduled recording. If the window option is used but the target window is moved before the schedule starts, the selected region will not follow the window so the will need to be reselected on the Schedule Recording window before the scheduled start time.

In addition to recording the screen, audio can be recorded as well be enabling the PC audio and Microphone options.

By default, at the end of the schedule, the video will be saved and nothing else will happen. However, the When completed option lets you Quit Flashback, Sleep PC or Shutdown PC if you don't want to leave Flashback or your PC running when not in-use.

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