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How do I convert just a section of a video?

Click the button displayed under the video's details to open the Clips Window where you can cut the video in clips or delete sections. Then select where you want to split the video and clicking the button.

I want to upload to an online platform. What video settings should I use?

Flashback Video Converter includes a selection of presets for creating videos that are suitable for the most popular online platforms, such as YouTube, X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook. You can select those my opening the Convert to menu and then going to the Web tab where you can select a platform.

Can I speed up video conversion?

The length of time required to convert a video will depend on the length and size of the original video, the format settings that you have choosen for the converted video and the spec of your PC hardware.

In particular, if your PC has a graphics card capable of hardware acceleration, that can significantly increase conversion speed. If Flashback Video Converter detects that you have a suitable graphcis card, the Enable Hardware Acceleration Technology option in the Preferences will automatically be set to on.

You can also speed up conversion by reducing format settings such as resolution and frame rate.

Alternatively, if you are converting a video that uses h264 encoding (MP4, M4V, MKV, MOV), converting to any of these formats with the Same as source option selected, will enable Turbo Compatible mode, which will convert the video much faster.

How large will my converted videos be? Can I reduce the file size of converted videos?

The size of a converted video will depend on the size of the original video (which itself depends on the duration, frame rate and resolution) and what format settings you have choosen. An estimated file size will be displayed for each video but it is just an estimation so may not be 100% accurate.

Reducing the conversion settings, for example the resolution or frame rate, will usually reduce the size of the converted file. In some cases, you will also be able to select a different encoder, which can affect the size of the converted video.

Can I convert a DRM protected file?

Unfortunately, due to copyright, FlashbackVideo Converter is unable to convert DRM-protected files.

Why can I not pick certain resolutions for some formats?

Some video encoders, especially those used by older formats that are not so widely used these days, have limits to the resolutions that they support. Exporting videos at resolutions that exceed those limits would create video files that cannot be played by any player.

Will effects and other changes I've made be applied to clips?

If you apply effects or make other changes to a video and then create clips from that video, whatever changes you have made will still be applied to all of those clips. But if you create the clips first and then start making changes afterwards to one of those clips, those changes will only be applied to that specific clip unless the Apply to All option is enabled.

Can I export just the sound from a video?

Select a format from the Audio tab of the format drop down to create a sound file that just includes the sound from the original video file.

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