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Registering on an offline PC

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If Flashback Express is being run on a PC that is either offline, it will not be able to verify your license key when you register the license key in the app.

Instead, you will need to enter the offline license key that is also included in the license email you will have been sent after purchasing a full license. The offline license key is very long so you will need to copy and paste it into the license window that appears.

Alternatively, you can request a licence file from the Blueberry Support team which can be applied by clicking the Import option below the licence key field.

If you are using a PC with restrictive firewall settings, this may also prevent Flashback Expressfrom being able to verify your licence. If this happens, you can either use an offline licence as above or you can add a firewall exception for the Flashback Express license server -

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Registering a license

Deploying a license to multiple PCs